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Pier Contractors have undertaken numerous asbestos removal/reinstatement projects in schools throughout the country which have been either small, medium, or very large and complexed jobs (see case studies). The value of these projects vary from £500-£500,000. Pier Contractors approach to the asbestos removal in schools is designed to liaise with schools from the outset with regular meetings with all the key personnel from the schools, this will include the logistics and organisation for the best time for the works to be undertaken in the schools and preparing our safe removal method of works and risk assessments therefore causing minimum amount of disruption and inconvenience to the school its staff and pupils. Our works have been carried out while the schools have been in full operation and during planned breaks such half term and summer holidays.

All our projects are managed within industry legislation, approved codes of practice and HSE guidance notes. Rigorous audits are undertaken in house and by independent auditing consultants to ensure all quality control procedures are maintained by both internally and by external independent organisation

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